For close to two decades Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale has established itself as Canada’s premier gospel group. Their name speaks volumes about a journey which has been characterized by struggle, longevity, and untold blessings-the stuff of unshakable faith. In the aftermath of a terrible car accident in 1990, Sharon Riley was left to reevaluate her life. …”It was devastating. I woke up in the hospital, and it was a total miracle of God that I even survived,” she said. “I was totally unable to walk. Both legs were severely damaged. I had to learn to sit up, remain sitting, stand up and eventually walk again.”

Although she was physically broken, Sharon’s spirit and her faith would not be diminished. While still recovering, she began to take part in a Toronto-based gospel ensemble that would eventually become known as Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale. “The core group was a mixture of friends I’d worked with before, and other talented people who heard about the choir and wanted to participate,” said Sharon. Still recovering from her accident, Sharon drew strength from the group and she was genuinely honoured by their willingness to look past her disability: “I started the group when I couldn’t even walk and watched the evolution over the years into a successful group.”

Of course this evolution was not an overnight process, and much like Sharon’s recovery, it has been a steady progression. From those initial days with Sharon in a wheelchair, until the present day where she can be seen exuberantly sashaying across the stage aided only by a cane, Faith Chorale has seen its share of success and change.

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